A European football tournament with your company football team, impossible?

…the fact that you need to kick the round thing into the square thing does of course require no explanation because of the great level of popularity that football enjoys. But what exactly were we thinking about when we came up with the idea of Mass27?

The answer is simple: We would like, independently of other existing associations, to create an international football tournament for companies from all European countries that are interested in taking part in such a tournament with their works team. Europe should grow together to form one single entity not just politically, but above all also on the sporting field, and your company's team can also help to make this happen.

Paderborn or Berlin or maybe even Madrid or Riga could be the venue for holding a football tournament which extends over several months of the year and whose matches are to be staged in different European countries. At the same time, you can enjoy the advertising-relevant marketing of your company and experience the feeling of togetherness within your teams.