If we apply, is this application without any obligation?
The application is completely without any obligation.
Do we need to have a football team if we want to apply?
Not immediately. As a first step, the intention is that initially the participants in the tournament should be found and established.
When is the tournament set to begin?
As soon as a sufficient number of participants has been found, the tournament will start within a year. This is currently scheduled for 2015/16.
Once we have been confirmed as a participant in the tournament, can we cancel our participation in the tournament at any time?
A cancellation is not possible at any time.
How will you ensure that it is possible to find a sufficient number of participants for the tournament?
It is not yet possible to ascertain with certainty whether a sufficient number will be found and this will depend on the level of interest from the potential participants.
What expectations do you have of the applicants for the tournament?
Essentially there should be a willingness to participate in such a tournament.
What benefit would participating in the tournament have for our company?
The benefit is both in sporting terms and in a boost to the level of awareness of your company as the sport of football enjoys a very high profile among the public.
How long will the tournament last?
The intention is that a tournament should take place every year, with home matches and away matches in as many European countries as possible. The fixture schedule will be drawn up by the platform.
Who will supply the referees?
The referees will be provided at the venue by Mass 27 for each match.
Will Mass 27 also be entitled to reject our application?
Mass 27 can also reject your application if it thinks that a sufficient level of reliability is not guaranteed.